paper AD_Aug2016The main research theme of the group is the development of analytical tools (assays and/or devices) aiming towards forensic, diagnostic, and preventive care applications. The interdisciplinary research is at the interface of Chemistry-Physics-(micro)Biology with a particular focus on Electrochemistry.

For example, the group works on a solid-state voltammetric ion sensing for the detection of micronutrients or electrolytes in blood (such as potassium or magnesium ions). Besides nutrition, another main target of preventive care is done via the detection of bacteria in food and water. We are focusing on two different approaches to detect bacteria: (i) one at the point-of-care with portable paper-based detection and (ii) a rapid highly sensitive detection of bacteria by electrochemiluminescence (ECL).

We also work on some forensics projects: To help crime scene investigation, we are developing a paper-based electrochemical device for the detection of traces of inorganic explosives such as chlorate and bromate using their catalytic effect on the redox activity of an immobilized electro-active layer. We are also studying the detection of blood stains which was washed with oxygenated bleach (luminol fails in those cases).

Building on previous experiences with paper-based devices and diagnostics, some projects also integrate the developed assays onto paper substrates. It allows us to go through fast prototyping/design phase to optimize and adapt the devices to the project.



Member of the the Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute (INDI) at IUPUI.

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